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Attempting to build or renovate your residence, business or institution is difficult without the help and expertise of trained professionals. Mozer Architect Design employs NYC architects, Brooklyn architects and Manhattan architects. The professional, licensed architects of Mozer Architect Design are experienced and trained as:

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Our New York City architects and Manhattan architects are also experienced in landscape design and architecture, obtaining building permits, creating and obtaining construction permits, as well as designing drawings and renderings.

Residential Architecture and Design

Mozer Architect Design specializes in turning dreams into livable homes. With our attention to detail, we are able to build you the house of your dreams. Living in a house already? Let us turn that house into your dream home with our extensive knowledge of remodeling. We have the experience needed for interior design. Our attention to light, paint, staircase design and other details will have you loving your home.

Our residential exterior designs are guaranteed to give your home instant curb appeal without breaking your budget. We create balconies, porches, columns and gables guaranteed to make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Commercial Architecture and Design

The goal of Mozer Architect Design is to build your vision of your company. We successfully integrate your vision for your business with our award-winning commercial exterior designs and our award-winning commercial interior designs.

Our designs will improve your business. Whether you need help with traffic flow, staging of goods and services, or simply the right office for your employees, we can help. Our designs entice customers, while providing for a clean, well-lit, productive environment for your employees.

We are able to create designs for smaller spaces using all areas, without appearing cramped. Mozer Architect Design knows space is at a premium in the New York City, Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. We never waste an inch of space.

Institutional Architecture and Design

Creating interior designs and exterior designs for an institution can be difficult. Almost all institutions are under large budget constraints. Additionally, institutions often have different building codes and construction codes than commercial and residential buildings. Mozer Architect Design is experienced in creating institutional designs in New York City, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our licensed, professional architects have years of  experience and have brought all architect New York City projects in within budget.

Building Permits

Building permits are needed for any type of home improvement or remodeling project using electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, pavers and HVAC technicians. Only a licensed, professional architect can obtain building permits from the New York City Department of Building. Mozer Architect Design is experienced in gaining the necessary building permits for your home or home improvement project.

Architectural Drawings

Professional drawings and renderings serve two purposes.

  • They allow you to see your vision and plan for your building brought to life.
  • They are required by the New York Department of Building to receive a building permit or construction permit.

By drawing and sketching your ideas for your home, Mozer Architect Design is able to work with you in the creation of your residential home, commercial building or institution. Our Architect New York City drawings and renderings allow you to see how your building will look and make any correction you wish.

Landscape Architecture and Design

Creating beautiful exterior designs is more than just creating the facade of a building. Mozer Architect Design is experienced in creating beautiful, sustainable landscape designs. Whether you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your residential exterior designs or draw customers into your commercial building, we work with you. We guarantee your outside space will be inviting and energy efficient.

Additionally, proper landscape design ensures your water flows correctly through your system and saves money. Homeowners and business owners lose thousands yearly on burst pipes. Often, these burst pipes are caused by tree and plant roots growing down into the pipes. Proper landscape design eliminates that possibility.

Construction Permits

Before any type of property can be improved in the New York City and Brooklyn areas, the proper construction permits must be created and filed. Mozer Architect Design has experience in creating and filing all the necessary paperwork. We ensure all our drawings and renderings are up to code and know the legalities of obtaining the proper construction permits.

We work together with our clients and allow them autonomy in creating their designs. We are always available to answer any questions they may have. We also allow our clients to choose their own contractors and sub-contractors. If requested, we have referrals we can give our clients. We call this balance between our firm and the client, "client-managed construction."

If you have need of any type of New York City or Brooklyn architectural creation or design, call Mozer Architect Design at 718-676-4375 for a free consultation.

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