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An Architect in Brooklyn reviews the drawings of a residental design.

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Architect in NYC and Brooklyn
Whether you're looking for Architects in NYC or an Architect in Brooklyn, you have arrived at the right place. Mozer Architect Design is a well established architectural firm that services both New York City, Brooklyn, and the local surrounding areas.

The convenience of partnering with a local architect contributes to smooth project management, and a result that is exactly, if not better, then what you envision today. And that is why you want to choose Mozer Architect Design for your project. We specialize in taking your dreams and turning them into the reality you have been imagining for some time now.

Unlike most other NYC Architects and Brooklyn Architects, we can build and manage the project we design for you. Not only do your dreams become a reality, your project is completed on time, and within your budget.

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1.  Architectural Designs

Mozer Architect Design specializes in turning your dreams into a reality. Our design process begins with architectural drawings and renderings to budget.
2.  Project Design Management

We can also manage the entire project from start to finish. Putting us on the job ensures the quality of work you demand, delivered on time, and within budget.
3.  Completed Projects

Your finished project looks great and is completed exactly as we envisioned it. With Mozer Architect Design, your project is treated as a partnership.
Top NYC and Brooklyn Architects

Mozer Architect Design stands head and heals above other architectural firms in that we can build what we design. Be it an interior or exterior design, or residential, commercial, or institutional, our creativity, knowledge, and experience are all proven reasons you will want to partner with us.

Our ability to manage your entire project ensures it will get done on time, within budget, and at the quality of work you would expect from a top architectural firm in NYC. Here are some examples of additional services we do for you:
Free Consultation with a NYC architect or Brooklun Architect.
Architect in NYC Designs
Brooklyn architects complete a job for a residential customer
Architects in NYC reviewing drawings for a residential design
NYC Residential Architects

Mozer Architect Design are top New York City Area Architects for Residential Exterior and Interior Designs. No job is too big or too small, and you will feel "peace of mind" working with us.
NYC Commercial Architects

As a business owner, the look and feel of your business is the first impression a customer gets of your service. We create both Exterior and Interior commercial designs that impress your customers.
NYC Institution Architects

Institutions like hospitals, schools, and libraries come to Mozer Architect Design for their Exterior and Interior plans for the future. Learn more about allowing us to bid on your next project.
Residence designed by NYC Architect
Recent Commercial Design by Brooklyn Architects
Institution Drawing by NYC Architect
Drawings and Renderings

All architectural projects in NYC and Brroklyn start out as drawings and renderings. In this first, we have to transform your dreams, desires, and goals into a working blueprint for the project. However, just creating pretty drawings isn't the goal. The goal is to create pretty drawings that will get the approval from the Department of Buildings, secure construction permits, and fit within your project budget and construction timeline.

Building and Construction Permits

Before any residential, commercial or institution building can take place, the necessary construction permits in NYC and Brooklyn must be created and filed. New York City, Brooklyn and Manhattan are required to have construction permits created and filed by licensed NYC construction architects or Brooklyn construction architects.

Following the maze of instructions needed to gain NYC building permits can be overwhelming.  Mozer Architect Design is licensed by the state of New York. We create and file all the proper permits for our clients, while still allowing for client managed construction.

Landscape Designs

Landscape architecture is more than simply sticking a few flowers, plants and bushes in the ground. Landscape design is a feature of your residential, commercial or institutional design that first draws the attention of others.

An essential design element in residential exterior designs, commercial exterior designs and institutional exterior designs, landscape architecture is the design and creation of outdoor places. Mozer Architect Design is also an expert landscape architectural firm.
Sample drawing and rendering by NYC architects
NYC Building and Construction permits by Brooklyn Architects
NYC Brooklyn Landscape Architects